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Anyone who has seen the movie “Nine and a half weeks,” starring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke knows that the “right” food and sex can drive any woman crazy. In addition, since sexal intercourse sometimes requires a lot of energy, the best way to ensure that your act will be awesome is to experiment with food. Food and sex do not only sound sexy, but this interaction will help to create a more open and playful atmosphere in your relationship with your beloved. In addition, these are the methods that girls from https://escortsinlondon.sx/paddington-escorts Barnes Escorts recommend.


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Ice, please.


Nature has created the ice – a wonderful tool to make your sex more sensual and exciting. Cubes of ice, for example, can be used for sexual desire, recommends Phoebe from Barnes Escorts. Take a piece of ice, which is melting, and drops of water will fall on your naked bodies. And soon, your partner will ask to warm him or her with your own body. Or, why not ask her to do the same? Try, also, to cool down the hottest parts of the body of you lover. Simultaneous feelings of hot and cold will give both of you an indescribable effect. Try to exchange kisses with ice cubes – and you will experience a very exciting feeling. Sex – it’s hot passion and a bit of cold ice would not hurt you, believes Phoebe from Barnes Escorts.


What is so good in ice during sex?

The touch of ice to a warm skin will activate the nerves that are responsible for the attraction. So we give advices on how to play with your lover. In this article we reveal some of the secrets of the most “clockwork” ice techniques.


Inviting ice

You’ve probably noticed more than once that men love to watch the girl who sucks a lollipop. It’s so exciting, there are understandable fantasies … Use the advice of Susan from Barnes Escorts, and try ice instead of a piece of candy. If you are sitting in a bar or restaurant, take an ice cube and thoughtfully start sucking it. And do not be surprised if your companion would want to hurry to pay and retire with you in a more secluded place.


Contrast massage

The next way to use ice from Barnes Escorts’ girls is if we add ice to the aromatic oils of ylang-ylang and rosemary. On one hand, apply a massage oil, and in another – take an ice cube. First, a man relaxes: kneading his shoulders, rub his body with oil. Next – an ice cube. Go over the same areas with this object. Thus, first pass over the shoulders, shoulder blades and then further – across the back.


Draw a pattern

The next tip from Barnes Escorts is that oral sex can become different with ice. Draw an “eight” in suitable places. Simultaneous movements give rise to radically opposed sensations. Man will experience unforgettable feelings. If a woman loves with ears, the men have an extremely well developed sense of smell. To combat it completely, use your very favorite perfume.

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