A few of my dates at escorts in London are really into role play.

Most of them don’t worry me at all, but I have one gent who is a little bit freaky. As a matter of fact, I have told a few of my colleagues at escorts in London that he is a bit too freaky for me to handle on my own. I have even started to wonder if he believes in his role play scenario, and if he also acts it out in his private life away from escorts in London. It would not surprise me if he does, he certainly always dressed for the occasion.

This particular date at escorts in London is one of my best tippers, so I am not going to close my London escorts boudoir doors on him. The only thing is that he is a little bit on the odd side. My gentleman actually believes that he is Dracula reincarnated, and only visits me on the escorts in London night shift. He is alway dressed in black with a long cloak and hood, and he calls me his bridge. At first he really freaked me out, but I must admit that he has always been the perfect gentleman.

Most of my dates at https://charlotteaction.org are on an incall basis, but my Mr Dracula sometimes asks me for an outcall around midnight. He has the most amazing house in Chelsea, and I keep wondering if his neighbours know what goes on in the house. We all know that Michael Jackson liked to sleep in an oxygen tent, and I thought he was a bit freaky, but this guy likes to sleep in a coffin. Like I told my friends at London escorts, he has even bought me a coffin, and sometimes we just sit in our coffins and talk.

Mr Dracula says that he has dated quite a few girls at London escorts before he meet me. Most of the girls did not fulfill his fantasies he says, but he says that I am like a vampire queen. Even though I do find him freaky, I have started to dress for the part, and he loves that. My girlfriends at London escorts say that I take things a little bit too far, but I don’t think so. The best way to deal with this guy is to indulge his fantasies.

I am not sure that I would go to such lengths for all of my dates at London escorts, but I don’t mind doing it for this guy. He seems to have become a bit fixated on me, and I think it helps to fulfill his imagination. Somehow, when I indulge and become part of his fantasies, he becomes a lot less scarier. Now, he wants me to visit Whitby with him, and we will go on a special tour at midnight around Whitby. Maybe it will be fun as long as he is not planning to bring our matching coffins, I think that I would actually draw the line at that.

Jonathan Mert

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