Are You Good In Bed

Have you ever wondered how women judge men? Do they judge men on how they are in bed? A couple of months ago I met this really hot girl. It turned out that she worked for a London escorts. I was not sure that the relationship was going to for me at all. There are probably really hot guys out there who are just dying to date London escorts, and I was not sure that I was the right man for my girlfriend. However, she seemed to think differently. 

Some girls like to rush you into bed. It is something that I do not agree with at all. I like to get to know a girl before I jump into bed with her. I think that the sex is better. It may sound a bit silly, but I really don’t like getting into bed with a girl just because I am horny. When I told my girlfriend that, she was a bit taken back. She told me that most of the guys she had gone out with in the past, and only seen her as some hot girl from cheap escorts. To her, it felt like I saw her as a little bit more than like some girl from a London escorts service. 

I had never thought about her as a girl who worked for a London escorts. We had got time together and it was obvious that we had a lot in common. Like I said to her, I would never judge a girl on how good she was in bed. To my surprise, she told me that she never thought about men like that neither. That answer surprised me a bit. I would have thought that most girls from London escorts would kind of cast a critical eye over you as a lover. 

Was I relieved? I have to admit that I was a little bit relieved when she said that. I am not the only guy in London who think there is too much pressure on people to have sex too early on in a new relationship. Many times I think that we end up having sex just because we think that we should. However, if you are not ready to have sex with someone, you should simply say. I think that is okay, and I have never put any pressure on my girlfriends to have sex with me just because I happened to feel a little bit randy that night. 

Am I still together with my girlfriend? Yes, we are still together and we spend a lot of time talking as well as having great sex.I have not told any of my friends that she works for a London escorts service. It is not something that I feel that I should brag about. Some guys would probably have shouted from the rooftops that they have a sexy girlfriend who works for a London escorts service. However, that is not my style at all. I love my girlfriend and I think that she genuinely loves me as well. It all seems too good to be true, but that is the truth.

Jonathan Mert