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Moving offices is a challenge for any business, but Charlotte from Bellingham escorts from is finding moving her beloved escorts agency really exhausting. We have been in this building for 10 years, says Charlotte, and you can imagine the amount of stuff that we have gathered up over the years. I have tried to declutter but that has not been very easy. There are so many memories every where, and I don’t want to let go of any of them. Some paperwork is easy to get rid off, but when I start looking around, there is an awful lot of stuff that I will find it difficult to part with.

Bellingham escorts

Bellingham escorts

We are having to move because the old lady who owned this building has died. Her son wants to sell to a London property developer, and the entire building is going to be turned into luxury flats. Like in so many other places in London, people are desperate for living space. It feels like we are becoming just another over crowded city, and it is rather upsetting, says Charlotte. I keep thinking about the many exciting times that we have had in this office, and the many Bellingham escorts that I have known. It is a bit like changing into another person.

The girls keep telling me to be positive and I really appreciate their support. The Bellingham escorts who work for me now are all really nice girls. I know that I am the boss, but I feel a bit more like their mom sometimes, says Charlotte. Working for an escorts agency is certainly a very alternative lifestyle, and a lot of people can’t adjust to it at all. I was an escort before I started my own business, so this is very much part of my lifestyle. This why I take changing offices so personally.

The move takes place this weekend, and I have a couple of big lads to help. On Sunday some of the Bellingham escorts are going to come in and help me to decorate. The front desk girls painted our new offices as a surprise for me. It is almost the same color as here, so they must have done their research. It does look nice, and smells fresh and clean, but it is still a strange feeling of leaving here. I must admit I will be glad when it is all over.

I have lots of future plans for Bellingham escorts, and I am trying to see the move as a fresh start. In a way, I guess I am looking forward to getting in and settled. I have not spent a lot of money but we all have nice new desks, and the girls are going out to buy plants tomorrow. We are taking our old plants as well because they feel like friends, but it will be nice with some new ones. I hope that all of my front desks girls will settle in okay, and that it will feel like home quickly.

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