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A better part of the past four decades has seen with an increasing frequency a rise in the cases of sex abuse in many forms. Surprisingly as we all wished or at least though that we men and women of the 21st century live in a more civilized generation. I think we have been greatly deceived by our own deeds and endless mistake.

Cases of sexual abuse on prostitutes and Clapham escorts like were reported to have increased to 23,097 in the year 2011 and that is not a worldwide figure but they were all cases reported in the Uk only. This shows how so deliberately these cases were ignored for this was not even a matter that was discussed in the Senate. The cases have grown so common that they have all lost all their elements of surprise making the little children live in a constant state of danger fear and anxiety not knowing when or where someone might decide to have them by force. And this does not only apply to the small girls the evil in men has festered that they now even dare to rape fellow young boys.

Clapham Escorts Agencies

Clapham Escorts Agencies

Because of the gradual increase of these sexual assault cases most of the Clapham Escorts Agencies are having a challenge in finding man power for not everyone wants to get employed there fearing for their safety. Not that everyone has a job or there are no people to employ NO, thousands of people wish to secure jobs in the agencies but the dangers in which the jobs expose them to threaten even their already miserable existence.

Worst case scenario is that most the sexual offences cases reported were committed by people with high power and very famous as well and the offended people are people of no note just mere prostitutes and Clapham escorts. But the sexual offenders never get to stand before the court of law for no one dares to stand and accuse them in the court and so most of the cases end up unsolved and the poor lots end up living their lives in misery and agonizing pain for justice not granted. And if by any chances the offenders face the court they never get convicted of the crimes there is no enough evidence’ has become a cliché among the lips of the Attorneys.

In very rare occasions when the guilty verdict is given they still walk away from the court after paying what seemingly to them is a small portion of money as fine and two months of community service and all goes back to normal.

Most analysts would say it is these same laws that we worked so hard to put into the constitution that are now depriving us of even our own freewill. Let’s cut short to the chase and see the truth that is the innocence of child or the freedom of a person cannot be equaled to any value of money and so it follows the punishment for sexual offenders should be increased. The now holding Act does not serve the interests of many at best. The culprits deserve a more severe penalty which does not include any form of bond or fines in the court and that is what people shall call true justice.

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