Don’t give us a bad name

We have so many different escort agencies operating in London now, and not all of them are good. The problem with the bad ones is that many of the girls who work for them, give the rest of us girls a bad name. I am pretty certain that some of them do it deliberately so that they can take business away from us. Not all Abbey Wood escorts are here in the country legally, and I think that it is important to remember that.

A couple of the girls that I worked with at another Abbey Wood escorts service of, arrived in this country on a student visa. They were meant to study here in London and then go back to their home countries. Many of them ended up finishing their education, but never going back to their country of origin as they realised that they could make more money working in London. Now a lot of them are living and working in London illegally.

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The thing is that none of these girls pay tax. They are more than likely earning fantastic money as Abbey Wood escorts, but at the same time, they are very naughty. In all honesty many of them steal business from legit Abbey Wood escorts just because they push the boundaries. They may even do things that no decent London escort would dream, about doing. This is what gives so many decent girls here in London bad name.

I also know that many of my Abbey Wood escorts are annoyed that they don’t pay tax. You can register yourself as working in the entertainment industry in London, but because they are not here legally, they cannot do that at all. Most of the time there is no trace of them at all, and it is only when there is a problem, we get to hear about them. It is hardly fair and I think that something should be done about all of these Brazilian girls who have overstayed their student visa in this country. If I did the same thing in Brazil, I am pretty sure that I would get kicked out.

Some say that these girls have been trafficked into the country, but that is very far from the truth. I am sure that there are Abbey Wood escorts who have been trafficked into the country, but that certainly does not apply to these girls at all. The escort industry in the UK has always been a little bit hookey if you like, but with so many criminal gangs and illegal aliens doing their thing, I am not sure that it is going to change its character in a very long time. However, I would ask that you pay a little bit of attention to what you are doing. A lot of us girls here in London work really hard to keep our businesses going, and if you are not legally in this country, the least you can do is to give us the dignity of a good name. I think that we deserve that.

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