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Finchley high flying escorts is a unique escort’s service that was launched by ten former lingerie models. It is probably one of the best Finchley escorts agencies at the moment, and they can certainly provide with some of the hottest Finchley escorts on record. All of the girls used to be lingerie models, but realized that they could earn more by being Finchley escorts in

sexy structure of finchley escorts

One of the girls, Lizzy from Norway, used to do a bit of escorting on the side of modelling, and she realized that there was more money in escorting. She started to chat to the other models that worked for the agency, and soon High Flying Escorts had been born. Lizzy says that they decided to settle on Finchley as there did not seem to be many Finchley escorts. There are a few Finchley escorts she says, but the area really needed a premier elite agency, and that is what we focus on. We aim to be the sexiest escort’s agency at Finchley.


The structure of the new agency is a bit unusual as it is a co-operative. Whatever the girls have earned at the end of the month, they share. They have even decided to work on this basis with the front desk girls, and that seems to work very well. When the Better Sex Guide visited their offices, everybody seemed happy and the phone was ringing.

The girls are mostly from Norway but they have been joined by three Polish ladies. Well, Lizzy says, we needed a few girls with dark or brown hair since we are all blondes. It sort of seemed funny to have an escort agency where all of the girls were blonde.

The Polish girls who joined agency were also lingerie models. None of the ladies were happy with their jobs as they were not making as much as they had expected. After a while, it sort of become silly, says Lizzy. My parents had to send me money from Norway just so I could pay the rent. In the end I decided to do something else instead.

A gentleman asked me one evening if I would escort him to a dinner date, so I did. The entire thing has snowed ball from there, and I have been a bit surprised how quickly the time has gone. The agency is doing really well and we were not expecting to get as many dates as we are getting at the moment.

We would like to have a few more Polish and Norwegian ladies join us so we are asking for more members at the moment. It would be nice if they had experience of escorting as we really need them to start to work straight away.


It is nice to hear that the new agency is flourishing, and the Better Sex guide would like to wish all the girls the best. Hope your dating diary will remain full for a long time coming, and that you will find more Norwegian and Polish girls to join you.

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