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It is now easier to find high class London escorts than cheaper ones http://cityofeve.com. The capital used to have a really thriving cheaper escorts service, but a lot of it is now all gone. East End used be the place to date in London, but even escorts services in this part of London can now be said to be more expensive than ever. Local gents are saying that their needs cannot be satisfied any more, and that London is now full of high class escorts. The question is who do these girls service and who can afford to date the top girls in town?

Alan has dated London escorts for a long time, but he says that he struggles to be able to pay the high hourly rates. It used to be reasonable to date in certain parts of London, but now I can’t afford half an hour with some girls. What regular guy can afford to pay £650 per hour? I certainly can’t he says, and he indicates that it is all a bit wrong. Some gents like me, confirmed bachelor, like to date girls from time to time. I don’t really want to live with a female but I would like to take a sexy companion out.

Brian, a London cabbie, says he cannot afford the hourly rates neither. Where I live, the East End, it used to be cheap but now it is not. It seems that a lot of central London agencies have taken the local London escorts agencies over, and put up all of the prices. When you speak to them, they say it has to do with market needs. Of course, I can see that. All of the posh people have moved into the fancy apartment blocks. London is not a city for the regular worker any more, says Brian with a wry smile.

I have lived in London all of my life, says Tony, but now I can hardly afford to live here. The prices of everything is out of control. Do you know where I go when I want to eat out? IKEA, it is cheaper than many of the restaurants. It is such as shame that they don’t do London escorts. Maybe they could come up with some ideas, he laughs, after all they seem to be able to make everything else really cheap. Maybe we could have a special part of IKEA that specialized in Swedish escorts, he laughs.

The fact is that there is difficult to find cheap escorts in London. Most of the London escorts now charge premium prices that are out of reach for the average gent. Local gents would love to date them, but they simply can’t afford to. This is very much the truth about many business around the capital. Restaurants and bars are complaining that they are not seeing a lot of locals. Most people they meet are from abroad and don’t seem to mind paying the high prices in London. But, why should everything be so expensive in a capital?

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