I have always dreamed about dating exotic escorts.

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to travel much, so I have never met really exotic escorts. It would have been a dream of mine to travel to places like India, and enjoy the company of an escort there. Still, it might be something that I will get around to when I am a bit older. At the moment I am working hard and trying to save money for my future. That doesn’t mean that I am not trying to fulfill my dreams. After all, I am dating the exotic Shiva from Notting Hill escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/notting-hill-escorts.

Notting Hill is not normally the sort of place that you would associate with exotic escorts. But since dating Asian beauties became in vogue in London, many of the leading agencies have started to offer the services of some Asian escorts. Notting Hill escorts is no different. They are now offering the services of Shiva. Shiva is a lovely Indian girl who was born in the UK, but she still has that sort of oriental touch about her. Let’s put it this way, she has certainly managed to spice up my life anyway, and I miss her when I am away from her.

Tantric massage seems to be a massage technique which belongs in the hands of an exotic girl such as Shiva. Before I had actually tried, I had manage to read about it, and it has always been something which I have wanted to try. The fact, is that Shiva from Notting Hill escorts, has been able to introduce me to this most exotic of technique. Not only can it help to heal your aching bones, but it can certainly help to heal your soul as well. It is just one of those techniques which seems to be perfect for our hectic modern life.

My first experience of tantric massage with Shiva from Notting Hill escorts, was actually quite difficult. I knew that tantric massage was going to be quite involved, but I did not realize how involved it was going to be. It even involved some yoga moves, and I wasn’t prepared for that at all. It took me a couple of dates with Shiva to master the technique but the release of the third date was amazing. I had never experienced anything like it, and I am glad that I managed to get that far.

I am not the only gent who have found Shiva a challenging sort of girl. Many gents who date her on a regular basis say that it can be rather difficult to comprehend her mastery of tantric massage. Eventually you appreciate why she makes you go through all of the different stages of the technique that you need to go through. It is almost like you achieve enlightenment by the end of it. Trust me, if you would like to date an exotic girl and experience true enlightenment and healing. tantric massage with a girl like Shiva is worth all of the effort.

Jonathan Mert

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