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Hi Better Sex Guide,

I am writing to yo from one of the premier Orpington escorts agencies like http://cityofeve.com/orpington-escorts, and I just wanted to get in touch to tell you that we are now fully up and running. There are already a few Orpington escorts agencies, but we are focusing on the VIP market. It is a bit of cheek to write in to you, but it would be really nice if you posted this letter.

The thing is, we are aware that there are a lot of gents who are new to the area, and may not know that local Orpington escorts agencies exist. A lot of these gents are sitting home alone during weekends, and they are just getting bored. Many of them also used to date in other areas of the UK but they know don’t date at all, simply because they don’t know that Orpington escorts agencies exist.

So this is my cheeky way of introducing our agency and telling you that elite Orpington escorts are now up and running. We are hoping to be able to deliver all services that you associate with central London, and then some. However, we are kicking off with various massage services as we know a lot of gents really enjoy massages.

Looking around Orpington, you will notice that a lot of international business men live here now, and many of the suffer from stress terribly. It might sound a bit mundane, but stress seems to be a big problem for most gents, and they would all like to experience a bit of tension relieving massage from time to time.

Our services are very reasonably price, and hourly rates are a lot lower than central London rates. All our escorts are stunning, and very sexy, and we are sure that many gents would like to try our services and end up using them on a more permanent basis. The girls who have joined out exciting new agency come from all over the world, and I am sure they will not disappoint any gent. You can date hot Brazilian beach babes, and we even have a stunning Icelandic lingerie model who has joined our ranks.

We know that the concept of duo dating is all in, and we intent to make the most of that during the summer. A lot of gents seem to want to go on dates with two stunning babes so we are making sure that we cater for them as well.

Thank you Amanda

Dear Amanda,

Thank you for writing in and we are pleased that you have been able to open your new agency. We don’t mind publishing emails like yours at all and I think that it is sounds like a really good service. As a matter of fact, I would appreciate if you could send in some photos of the ladies who date with you, so that we can publish some bios. It would be nice for our readers to find out a little bit more about the ladies who work for you agency.

Jonathan Mert

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