Struggle hard to have a successful life – A Beckenham Escorts story

Every struggle shapes us to become bold and wise. Before I became a Beckenham Escort from girl I have lots of struggles in life. Life challenges will always be there to give us lessons and make our life become better. We all have experienced difficulties, but it does not mean to give up. To be able to be successful is to have a keen mind and brave heart. If you are easily down to your difficulties, well you do not grow, and you will always be struggling for the rest of your life. Always remember, that in every problem there is still the solution, but if you keep complaining rather than making resolutions, it just stays and added by another problem and becomes more challenging to solve. If you want to grow, learn from your mistakes. Improvements happen when you try things out and fail. If you are afraid to fail, then you will be fearful for the rest of your lives. Every people who become successful have to stumble many times to achieve their aims in life. They are not what we think, the more you are successful, the greater problem you have to face, and that’s why you have to learn to face that little difficulty to ready yourself for more.

My life was never as easy as other people have, as I have been in so many struggles, superb. I am born and raised in Indonesia, and as you know, life here is never comfortable. One of the living here is farming or fishing, and it cannot sustain our daily needs in life. Most of us here already used not eating three meals a day; one meal is okay than none. The worsts is we fall asleep with no food to our stomach and wake up so much hungry. We live in the remote part and education is not important there. It is just a waste of time, and we don’t have enough money for school. But even though our life is not good, we have still managed to keep our family whole and happy. My only wish in life is to become successful, perhaps, impossible but I am eager when given a chance. Most women here are married young, but I choose not to since I want to change my life.

One time, foreigns visited us and got invited to work as Beckenham Escorts. And I never doubted it and grabbed if this is the way to change our lives. I did my best and followed instructions. I familiarize easily and learn the work. Clients are impressed with me and recommend me. I became in-demand and earned bigger money. I permanently stayed in Beckenham London, England and moved our family here. I have learned that struggles are hard to have a successful life.

Jonathan Mert

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