Weird facts about sex

Heathrow escorts have been doing some research and found at that sex can sometimes be really weird especially the sex smell. Okay, sex isn’t really that weird apart from the smell but some people do get turned on by different things. One of the Heathrow escorts that I spoke to used to have a boyfriend who got turned on by the smell of bacon frying. I had to ask a couple of other friends of mine who works as Heathrow escorts about the bacon issue, and it sounded that it wasn’t that uncommon.

My husband gets turned on by Arsenal football shirts but I understand that this isn’t that unusual neither. Heathrow escorts said that they had quite a few boyfriends who were turned on by foot ball shirts. There you go, perhaps my husband isn’t that weird after all. So what else do Heathrow escorts think men get turned on by.


Well, of course men get turned on by sexy lingerie, we all know that. However, is there any particular type of lingerie that turns them on?

According to the Heathrow escorts that I spoke to. most men got turned on by stockings and lacy knickers. That is pretty straight forward and most ladies can cope with that. But what happens when your partner gets turned on by something like PVC?

PVC is a bot awkward at times, and it can take you a long time to slip into a PVC outfit. What is so special about PVC anyway? Is it the snug fit, or is it just that shiny black texture that makes it special? Having sex with someone in a PVC outfit must be pretty awkward but if you are into that… well, then it is for you.

Leopard skin

I like leopard skin, or faux leopard spreads, but my husband hates them. He likes classical designs such as Japanese themes, and very plain things, so you will not find any leopard spreads on our bed.

I keep wondering if he actually fancies a Japanese geisha but he assures me that he does not. He does not get turned on by leopard or any other skins, but many men do.

I used to have this coat that I bought at Debenhams. It was really soft on the inside and had a big leopard skin collar. My ex boyfriend used to get really turned on by it, and sometimes I used to meet him at the door wearing the coat, stockings and high heel shoes. It was his thing, and after a day in court he used to be ready to let his hair down, or rather take his wig off.

The way we dress can really introduce some fun play into our sex lives, and there is nothing wring with a bit of play. Is it really weird? perhaps to some, but I don’t think so. Sex is about having fun as much as anything else, and one way to do that is to dress up a little bit. You don’t have to rush out to buy a lot of fancy gear, sometimes just a football shirt or a coat will do the trick… If the sexy Heathrow escorts word is anything to go by, dressing sexy really enhances your personal sex life.

Jonathan Mert

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