Would you like to meet the other side of me….

Most of my friends do not know that there is two sides to me. The other side which you meet at Kings Cross escorts, would probably be totally alien to my friends and I have this feeling that it would freak them out a bit. However, it does not seem to freak at many of the guys I meet at Kings Cross escorts, they rather seem to enjoy my more dominating side.

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I thought about letting my friends know that I get a kick out domination, but I am not sure that it would be such a good thing. They are used to thinking of me as a blue eyes blonde, and I must admit that I do look a bit like butter could not melt in my mouth. But all of that changes when I arrive at work and put my black thigh high boots. Gone is the sweet and innocent girl, and the hot babe who likes to be in charge at Kings Cross escorts, steps up like I like to say.

Would my friends be shocked? I think that they would be shocked, and I was a bit surprised to meet the other side of me for the first time. It kind of happened very suddenly, and before I knew it, I was exploring the dark arts of domination with another girl at Kings Cross escorts. But she was not as interested as I was, and did not take it that one step further. Personally I loved it, and could not wait to sink my teeth into whatever was coming my way.

I do think that one of my neighbours does wonder what I do for a living. A couple of weeks ago, I had some new bits delivered and they were rather large whips. Okay, there were boxed up but I do think that he wondered what was in that package. He sort of smiled at me, and as I got excited by the delivery, I felt myself go into Kings Cross escorts domination mode. Perhaps he wanted to meet me in my dungeon, and take things a little bit further. He looks rather a shy guy, and they are normally the ones who like to hook up with girls like me. Are you a shy guy? In that case, I can bring out the best in you, but how I do that is a bit of a secret.

That is one of the things that I really like about domination. You never really know who is into it and who is not interested. Some of the gentlemen who come in through my dungeon door at Kings Cross escorts, you would never think were into domination. Then you get some guys who think that they know it all, but once we start to play, it becomes evident that they are all talk. I am not about talking at all. If you like to meet just as sexy companion, you would be better of dating another girl at Kings Cross escort services. This sweet and innocent blonde may just be too much to handle.

Jonathan Mert

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