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A leading Orpington escorts agency have just sent us here at the Better Sex guide a press release for some of the new girls that they have signed up. It is nice to be able to hear from different escorts agencies around London, and the Better Sex guide is always happy to help out.


a leading female Ā orpington escorts

Many escorts agencies, including Orpington escorts agencies, have struggled a bit in recent years and have found it difficult to recruit native talent. The escorts industry has a whole in the UK has had a bit of a bad name but things are now slowly getting the better. A couple of the Orpington escorts agencies were forced to close down as they had unregistered foreign girls on their books, and that did not help Orpington escorts. All of a sudden they found themselves branded as illegal, and many escorts from other parts of London tarred all of the Orpington escorts agencies with the same brush.

Things go wrong

It is important to be able to accept that things sometimes go wrong in the Orpington escorts service as in many other escorts services across London. Despite border controls, illegal immigrants still slip though the net and some of them end up in the escorts business. However, in recent years many leading agencies have started to clean up their own territory and even reported agencies that are not trading according to UK law.

This has helped a great deal, and many UK high court judges have brought down their gavels on illegal agency owners. The owners of illegal escorts agencies have subsequently ended up in jail, and some of them are even waiting deportation after having served their sentences.
There has been a lot of calls for stricter rules to be implemented by both border agencies and other government departments when it comes to escorts agencies.

Escorts up in arms

Many British born escorts have been up in arms about some of the events in the British escorts industry, and have even called for that all owners of agencies should be on some kind of register. They believe that this would help to reduce child trafficking, and stop many under age girls work in the sex and porn industry in the UK.

Agencies should have books, or documentation, which should be open for inspection. They should also have recorded details of all the male and female escorts that work for them to make sure that they are above the legal age. This would include a registration card, and proof of date of birth. There is a lot of fake documentation in circulation, and it is really important that the problem of underage sex workers in London are dealt with.

Every day there is a new horror story about illegal and underage sex workers in one London borough or another. Many escorts have written to their local MP and voiced their opinions. They are tired of being branded as prostitutes when they are not, and agency bosses do agree with their escorts. Something needs to be done, and hopefully the new UK government lead by Cameron will be prepared to stand up and be counted on the immigration issue.

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