The Dangers of Domestic Rape and Violence

It has never happen to me, but it has happened to one of my friends who used to work for charlotte London escorts. A couple of years ago, she married a guy who seemed to be really wonderful at first. Okay, was a bit of a London bad boy, but he did seem to have a heart of gold. The girls at the London escorts we all worked for, were all delighted and we loved the big London wedding that followed. Our former London escorts seemed to be genuinely happy in her marriage, and soon settled down with her new husband in a new house in London.

We did not forget about our former charlotte London escorts sister, and kept in regular touch with her. She always sounded happy, but some days there was a certain tiredness in her voice. I personally kept on asking her if she was feeling alright. She always said that she was, and we just left it at that. But a couple of months later, we really started to worry about her. We were having a get together to celebrate another girl’s birthday, and our friend turned up wearing dark sunglasses. When she took them off, she had a big bruise under one eye. Also her sparkling blue eyes which she had been so well known for at London escorts, were gone.

She looked really tired and downtrodden. What worried us more than anything was the amount of wine she drank. When she worked with us at charlotte London escorts, she had never been a heavy drinker, so it really surprised out. After a little while, she left the lunch early and I sat there rather dumbfounded with the rest of my London escorts friends. I was really wondering what was going on.

A couple of days later, I got a call from her. I was just on my way home from a London escorts date, when she called me. She was crying like mad and I could not really understand what she said. I heard the word rape, and thought that somebody had broken into her home and rapped her. Hurriedly I told her that I would call her husband, but she started to shout “it was him, it was him”. I could hardly believe what I was hearing so I told the cabbie to take me around to her address.

When I arrived, the door was open and she was sitting on the floor in the hall. I did not know what to do, so I called the owner of our London escorts service. He called the police who arrived very quickly, and took care of my friend. She said that she had been raped, and from there on, the police treated her very gently. It turned out that domestic rape is not that unusual, but it is just as illegal as any other kind of rape. Her husband was arrested, and after a court case, he ended up in jail, forever labeled a rapist.

My friend is doing okay, but I am not sure that she believes in the dream of domestic bliss any more.

Jonathan Mert

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