Why is speed dating going out of fashion?

I am not sure how many speed dating clubs we used have in North London, but one thing that I do know, is that they seem to be going out of fashion rather quickly. One of the girls at our North London escorts agency of https://charlotteaction.org/north-london-escorts used to go speed dating to see if she could pick up dates for her work at North London escorts, but now she says that many of the speed dating clubs have crashed and burned.


We all like to meet that perfect person, but I am not sure that speed dating is the right way to do it. You only get a few minutes to talk to a person, and after that, you may end up having a drink together. It makes me wonder if the people who go to speed dating meetings and clubs really do have time for love. I think that many of them are in fact just looking for a booty call. Word soon gets around and that is the end of that speed dating club.


I have even worked with a girl at another North London escorts agency who used to think that speed dating took away business from escorts. At one time, it seemed that many speed dating clubs just became pick up joints for people with fetishes. I would have to agree with that. If you have a fetish it may be hard for you to meet someone to share your fetish with unless you trawl through endless forums. Then you will have to go through the procedure to go on a date and see if you are suited for each other. Speed dating is a much easier way to meet someone with the same fetish as you.


Also speed dating has become rather expensive. If you can’t find the right partner quickly, you will end up going to a lot speed dating meetings. Once you start add up the expenses, you will find that you may not only have spent a small fortune on the actual speed dating event, but also on drinks and stuff like that. I have never tried so I don’t know, but I know that it is not cheap to go out for drinks even in North London. I always used to go out for drinks with my friends at North London escorts onĀ  Friday night, but in the end, it just became too expensive.


Has online dating taken over? I think so, and I think that more people than ever before are joining online dating agencies. There are some advantages I suppose. Instead of going out for drinks you can Facetime each other and have a chat without it costing a penny. If you like each other you can always agree to meet up for a date. It is also rather safe, and for people who are busy, I guess it is the ideal way of meeting a new partner. Still, there are lonely people out there, and many of the men that I date at North London escorts are not into speed dating or online dating. They seem to just want to have some fun, and that is okay by me.

Jonathan Mert

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