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This post is about how charlotte escorts give an example of how to resolve a love dilemma. There are many situations which happen in relationships, but maybe this is the one that you are having trouble handling. I hope that you find the relevant advice for your situation and begin to see yourself through a more objective lens.

So let’s get started!
To start out, we need to figure out what happened or what has been going on with this person of interest.
Let’s say that you have been seeing this person for a while. You have come to the conclusion that you like them and think about them. Now this is very important: you are starting to feel something for him or her and in the past, you have felt this way before. Not necessarily love, but definitely some form of attraction. You used to see your person once or twice or maybe even three times a week before things changed, at least in your mind. Now it seems like you see them three times a day. You are always thinking about them and constantly talking about them.
As you can probably tell, you are getting pretty attached to this person and that should be a good thing because, after all, everyone deserves the love they want.
So how do you know when it is time to let go? How would you know if it was truly “love” or if something had just come along to keep your interest? What’s more important? Should it be love or should it be attention?
It’s honestly quite difficult to say. The person wants attention, but they don’t want the attention they get from being with you. They are in a position of “scarcity”. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that they are getting lonely, because they probably aren’t. They can have their love and attention by themselves without having to be with you, but you can’t have it unless you are around them.
Maybe for them it is like eating an ice-cream cone. One taste and they couldn’t be satisfied with just one bite and so they had to eat the entire cone. This happens a lot in life when there is scarceness in our lives that we really want something but it isn’t available or available in small doses. This is the same way this relationship works for this person and yet you don’t see how or why that’s happened.
The fact of the matter is that this person has been starved for attention and it looks like you are just the one who is going to dole it out for them. Because it is attention, you want to keep giving it out and you feel good about yourself for doing so. This can be quite intense and unrealistic because you are still only getting a taste of the ice-cream cone, not a full one.
But what happens when they get enough attention? What happens when they have enough love? Well, they then will stop demanding more attention. They will start to feel full and not need anymore love or attention. They might even stop seeing you altogether.
Now this is where it gets tricky. You might have gotten the mistaken idea that since your person has given you love and attention, it is now time for them to get what they want and this is where things can spiral out of control for a while. It’s hard to know what’s going on in their head and what they are feeling, but all you know is that you feel good about yourself since you have been able to give them the attention they want and desire.
This might sound like a good thing, but there are some major problems here.

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