Let’s talk about sex to our youngsters!

It is important to talk about sex to our adolescents, and I know that many London escorts agree with me on this one. Sex is not only about satisfying your urges, it gives us many other pleasures as well and is actually good for us. Just like London escorts, I think it is important to talk about sex with young people, so that it doesn’t just become a recreational sport to them.

One of my friends who works as part of a team of escorts in london, tells me that she had read in the paper that kids as young as 12 years old have sex. My God I thought, my daughter is 12, and I felt a sudden need to wrap my arms around her and say “Don’t grow up too quickly”.

We have been talking about sex with Yazoo from quite an early age, and she accepts it as part of life. We answered all her questions without being embarrassed, and I think that really helped. Some of London escorts friends do not agree with, and say that I shouldn’t have done that, but an equal amount of London escorts say it was the right thing to do. If they had kids they would have spoken to them about sex.

Why we should talk to kids about sex

There are some very good reasons why we should talk to kids about sex. Most importantly of all they should be able to perceive that sex is not something which is dirty or negative. But there are many other important factors as well.

Sex should not be practiced at an early age. A girl of 12 should not be engaging in sexual behaviour, or intercourse with a boy or adult at that age. This is grossly wrong and is against the law in many countries. Knowing what is right and wring sexual behaviour is one of the main reasons we should talk to our young adults about sex. They need to know that having sex against their won will is a big no-no, and understand that there is a difference between rape and sex.

Sexual health is also important. Let’s face it, AIDS can kill you and other sexual diseases can make you really ill. They need to know about safe sexual conduct, and that includes contraception. Condoms are important these days, and it is no longer any good just being on the Pill. Okay, that is fine once you are married or in a good relationship, but when you are “playing the field” it is not good at all.

Positive sex is a good thing to talk about. The act of sex is something you do with a regular partner when you plan to have a long time relationship. It is fund and pleasurable, and if you are in a long term relationship you don’t want to give each other pleasure. I call it the Pleasure Principle.

Do you know what? More than anything, talking about sex with your youngsters allows you to establish your own sexual principle, and makes you appreciate what sex means to you. Don’t be embarrassed just talk about it, and it will become a natural part of life.

Jonathan Mert

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