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I have this little secret that I am trying to keep from the other girls here at Sandhurst escorts. For the last couple of months, I have been dating this really sexy guy at a male London escorts service. I met him when I was up in London. He was out shopping for clothes just like I was, and we just chatted while we shopped in this particular store. He picked some really nice outfits, so I asked him what he did for a living. He smiled and whispered that he was a male escort.

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His name is Mike and is just one of those guys you love to be around. The nice thing about Mike is that he has been a male escort for a long time. He is actually in his 50’s but looks a lot younger. When I told him that I worked for Sandhurst escorts, he took it all in his stride and said that I should do well as an escort. The most important thing is not to be super sexy he said, it is more important to be friendly and approachable. When I stop to think about it, he is right.

After we had paid, Mike asked me if I was in a hurry to get back to Sandhurst escorts. I told him that I was not catching the train until much later and he asked me for coffee. The next couple of hours went past in flash. We had so much to talk about and I loved talking to him. He was so easy going and it felt like I had known him all of my life. I don’t date a lot of mature gents at Sandhurst escort agency, but I know see why so many of the girls at the agency like to meet up with more mature gents. They are far more interesting to spend time with when you are out.

Mike and I have been seeing each other for a few months now. Whenever I have a few days off from Sandhurst escorts, I am on the train to London to see. He always seems to have time for me, and loves to take me places in London. The funny thing is that the simplest thing is fun with Mike. He can walk for hours and we simply walk around London and talk about things. Mike is secretly a bit of a history buff and I love that about him. Actually, I have learned a lot from Mike.

On my last break from Sandhurst escorts, I stayed for a week. He met me at the station as usual. I must admit that I thought that there was something different about him, and that he looked kind of serious. I walk up to him, and he just pulled me really close. Marry me, he whispered in my ear and produced a ring. He said that he wanted to ditch escorting and move out into the country. Actually he had it all figured out. He knows that I love dogs and art, and he suggested that we buy somewhere together with a big garden for dogs. I love the idea of that, and I think the girls at the agency will be surprised when I leave in a few month’s time.

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