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You would never have thought that house cleaning would take so much time. Until recently I shared a flat with a couple of other girls from Chingford escorts from, but I was able to buy my own place. Ever since then, I seemed to have spent hours looking after the place and doing work. I know that I only helped to look after the place, so this has been a real eye opener for me. Having your own place is a lot more work that I first thought.


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At first I did not think that I would have to invest in a lot of specialist equipment, but I finally had to. It cost me a small fortune to buy stuff like a steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner. Now that I am all set up, I seem to notice places around my flat that needs cleaning all of the time. It is kind of annoying and I must admit that it is taking up a lot of time. Whenever I have a day off from Chingford escorts, I seem to be cleaning up the place. I don’t mind but it is hard work.


Do you become more house proud when it is your own place? I think that you do and I have to say that I do work hard at keeping the place tidy. It takes a lot of work to even clean the small terrace and balcony, I did not know that there was so much dust and dirt around the place. It is okay as the end of the day the place is mine, and I am proud of it. It was bought with my earnings from Chingford escorts and I know that many of the girls at the escort agency are trying to do the same thing.


Decorating is not easy neither. I thought that I would wall paper part of the place, but it proved to be too much hard work. In the end I settled for painting it all white and yellow. It does look really nice and a lot of my friends from Chingford escorts tell me that I have done a good job. I love it now, and I am adding bits to it as I go along. Believe me, it is not cheap to decorate neither.


A few years ago, I would never have dreamed of owning my own place. I was kind of in this dead end job and was not making enough money to save towards a home. Loads of people in London are stuck in the same situation and you always here the London housing crisis talked about. Is it a real crisis? I think it is and if we don’t do anything about it, London is going to drown under homeless people. I often see the homeless on my way home from doing the night shift at Chingford escorts. It is really sad and I do feel for them. Sometimes I do little things for them as I like to help them.


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